At HYDR eSport, we love inspiration – and we love to inspire others. Therefore, we facilitate a wide range of events, where the eSport experience is the focal point, and where the common good experience is in focus. We are also part of long-term, more strategic relationships with companies, minority groups and organizations that – like us – struggle to change their perceptions and spread the knowledge of eSport in Denmark.

As inspiration for events, there are unique eSport company events here in Søborg, Copenhagen with a focus on community; Special training for company teams (possibly in collaboration with staff associations); lecture lecture; as well as the installation of HYDR eSport equipment at your company for a special training event with our professional eSport instructors. The events can both target participants who play eSport in advance, but also participants who do not yet know the sport.

We can also offer partnerships that include sponsorship of your own HYDR Team or the establishment of the eSport league named for your particular company (including the Twitch stream). For example, read more about our collaboration with Lenovo and their CS: GO pigehold here .